About Us

FreE-Cigs.com strives to offer a considerable selection of technologically advanced, quality products at very reasonable prices.  We consider ourselves avid vapers, and at FreE-cigs.com we're constantly testing new product.  Technology always moves forward, upgrades are constant.  FreE-Cigs.com and FreE-Cigs-North.com is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of these advancements and will always offer the best performance to price ratio possible.  New products and improvements to our current line are the foundation of our company. 

FreE-Cigs North
[email protected]
716 S. Butterfield Rd.
Mundelein, IL US

If you need assistance please feel free to contact us directly at 847-454-7309 or contact us via any of out social media pages. Please visit our store at the brick-and-mortar location anytime or order online so we can take care of your e-commerce needs. 

Thanks for shopping with us - VapeOn!