Quick Tips

Below you will find some quick tips to ensure your products perform at the highest level possible.  If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us right away.  We have all the time in the world for our loyal customers.

"Our Two Cents" on Rebuildables and Mechanicals:

As you might have guessed, the world of rebuildables in vaping is for an advanced user who has enough experience with electrical circuits and who is comfortable with this process. 

We could give you recommendations until we're blue in the face, but at the end of the day, there are many more variables at hand that factor into this equation. We teach workshops here at our retail location on this subject.

Instead of speaking over your head in terms of what makes sense to us to use, we highly recommend that you do some studying first. Give YouTube some searches, if you're not already, become a member of ECF (e-cigarette-forum.com) and sift through the many discussions there to help you zero in on what it is you are looking for. Also, a Google search or two would yield similar results.

Get a good understanding of "Ohm's Law" first, so you know what you're dealing with on an electrical level and work from there. Make sure you respect our vaping batteries as it is of utmost importance. They *CAN* be dangerous if used improperly.

We hope this information leads you to exactly what you're looking for!

What Voltage-Wattage should I run my cartomizer, atomizer or clearomizer at?  Refer to the handy chart below.  Keep in mind that top coil clearomizers & tanks (CE2 style accessories i.e. Vivi Nova's & CE5's) tend to perform a bit better when you back off the voltage just a bit.

  • 510 Batteries (AKA Batts):  Batteries may be fully charged upon arrival, others may require charging time.  If your LED lights up when connected to the charger, allow re-charging until the light turns off.  For 510 X models, after plugging in your battery the USB charger will turn red if it needs charging, it will turn green if/when fully charged.  After the initial charge, do not re-charge your batteries until they are completely discharged.  Fully charge your batteries before use at all times.
  • General:  For best results, draw on your electronic cigarette slowly for 4 to 6 seconds, or until you have accumulated the desired amount of vapor.
  • 510 X / 510 T:  Utilize the cartridges that are separately packaged in your starter kit (s).  The pre-installed cartridges lack the required cap so as not to damage the atomizer during shipping.  You can re-use the caps when switching/cleaning your cartridges, or should they get lost or damaged.
  • 510 Cartomizers (AKA Cartos):  Included with 510 A/M starter kits):  All cartomizers feature a soft tip, making the re-fill process a bit easier.  The tip can be easily removed by using a paper-clip, or something similar.  Re-fill by slowing dripping your E-Liquid around the exterior wall of your cartomizer.  Be careful to not overflow your cartomizer and allow it to drip through the center.  Instead, take your time, and stop when the liquid just starts to pool on top of the batting.  We recommend replacing your cartomizers after 6-8 re-fills to avoid the possibility of bacteria buildup and to refresh your atomizer.  Cartomizers can be cleaned by using the process below, but will still need to be replaced at some point.  If cleaning does not produce results, it’s time for a fresh set of carts.

  • Cleaning Cartomizers (Clean at your own risk.  Not intended for plastic Cartos):  Every Carto sees its day, but to get the most out of every one we suggest rotating.  Depending on your vape pace, you should use a new atomizer at regular intervals.  After a week’s time (2-4 cartos for me) it’s time for an easy cleaning.  Take the rubber, soft cap out of the tip of each carto (Use a paper-clip) and place into boiling water for 5 minutes.  Repeat process 2-4 times until boiling water is clear of any suds (leftover E-Liquid).  Shut off heat and allow water to cool.  Do not allow cartos to boil any longer, as it may cause permanent damage.  Remove cartos, shake/blow excess liquid out through the battery connection end, and allow to dry at least 24 hours on a paper towel, battery end connection up.

  • Cartridges (AKA Carts):  Included with 510 X/T starter kits):  Remove the cap before refilling.  For optimal performance, try not to re-fill your cartridges more than 80% of the way.
  • Cleaning Cartridges:  There are many ways to accomplish this, but the least harmful is by using simple white vinegar.  Empty your cartridge of any residual E-Liquid.  Fill it 75% of the way with vinegar, shake for 5-10 seconds, repeat 3-5 times.  Repeat the same process with hot water and allow to air dry.   

Commonly used Vaping Terms & Abbreviations:

  • Analog - A tobacco cigarette.
  • Atomizer/Atty - The part that heats up the e-liquid and turns it into vapor.
  • Battery/Batt - Batteries used to run PV's
  • Blanks - Cartridges with dry filler material to be filled with e-liquid by the user. Also a cartridge with the filler material removed to be used as just a mouthpiece when dripping liquid.
  • Cartomizer - A type of cartridge that combines the cartridge and atomizer in one unit.
  • Cartridge/Cart - The part that makes up the mouthpiece for the electronic cigarette and contains a reservoir with filler material to hold the e-liquid.
  • Coil - The part inside the atomizer that heats up and turns your Eliquid into vapor.
  • Cut off - Battery shutdown to protect atomizer from overheating.
  • DOA - Dead On Arrival
  • Dipping - The practice of dipping an exposed atomizer coil into e-liquid.
  • DIY - Do-It-Yourself
  • Dripping - The practice of dripping e-liquid directly onto the atomizer coil.
  • E-cig - An electronic cigarette
  • E-liquid - The liquid used in an electronic cigarette to produce the vapor. (aka nic liquid, juice, e-juice, niquid, nic juice, etc...)
  • Electronic Cigarette - Also known as E-cig 
  • FDA - Food and Drug Administration 
  • Filler - The material in cartridges that holds the eliquid.
  • HC - Health Canada
  • Li-ion - Lithium ion batteries used in PV's or MOD's
  • mA - Milliamp (often used as a measure of available power)
  • mAh - Milliamp Hour (often used as a measure of battery capacity/duration)
  • Manual Switch - Switch operated by user to turn battery power on/off 
  • MC - Menthol Crystals which are used to make e-liquid.
  • MG - Milligram refers to the amount of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid.
  • ml - Milliliter (1 ml = 0.034 fluid ounce)
  • mm - Millimeter (1 mm = 0.039 inch)
  • Mod - Modification 
  • Modder - One who modifies PV's
  • Nic - Nicotine 
  • oz - Ounce (1 fluid oz = 29.5 ml)
  • Passthrough/PT - A device that is used in place of a battery that connects to a USB outlet to draw power. 
  • PCC - Personal Charging Case
  • PG - Propylene glycol
  • Polyfil - The material that fills the cartridge (commonly found in cartomizers)
  • Power Vaping - Vaping on an atomizer that has a resistance of less than 1 Ohm.
  • PV/Personal Vaporizer - An electronic cigarette/cigar/pipe/box/mod/stick which vaporizes e-liquid
  • PV Liquid - The liquid used in an electronic cigarette to produce the vapor. (aka eliquid, nic liquid, juice, e-juice, niquid, nic juice, etc...)
  • Tailpiping - Vaping without using a cart or mouthpiece, just sucking the atomizer tube.
  • Throat Hit/TH - Feeling in your throat caused by vapor being inhaled 
  • varies with nicotine level and liquid content/flavor)
  • Topping off - Putting more e-liquid in the cartridge you are using
  • USB Passthrough/PT - An empty battery which has a wire and a USB plug and runs off your computer's power or other suitable power sources.
  • Vaper - One that engages in vaping.
  • Vaping - The act of using an electronic cigarette or PV
  • Vapor - The smoke like steam emmision produced by using an electronic cigarette
  • VG - Vegetable glycerin
  • VV - Variable voltage
  • VW - Variable wattage